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IAB is primarily being developed by Greg Caporaso (GitHub/Twitter: @gregcaporaso) in the Caporaso Lab at Northern Arizona University. You can find information on the courses I teach on my teaching website and information on my research and lab on my lab website.

Download Local Copy

You can also download the latest copy of IAB as Jupyter Notebooks for your own PC.


Read Statically (easiest)

Here you can find statically published copies of IAB with full output. There are several version to choose from:

Read Latest Online

Read Interactively (experimental)

We're experimenting with Binder to simplify interactively reading IAB.

Warning: There are some known issues with reading IAB interactively using Binder. See issue #248 for details.

Note: On opening a notebook in Binder, you'll need to select the Kernel menu item, then Change kernel, and then Python 3. If you don't do this, you will get errors when you try to execute the notebooks. The screenshot to the right illustrates how to change to the Python 3 kernel.

Read on Binder

Getting Involved:

IAB is in early development stage. To see the plans for where the project will go, see the project milestones.

If you're interested in writing or editing content or code for IAB, see and/or watch the below video:

You can see the full list of IAB contributors here.


The code in the iab module is not sufficiently tested, documented, or optimized for production use, but is rather intended for educational use only. As code reaches those quality standards it is ported to scikit-bio. I do not recommend using the code in the iab module outside of the text. In other words, don't import iab outside of the text - if you want access to the functionality in your own code, you should import skbio.

IAB is funded in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Initial prototyping was funded in part by Arizona's Technology and Research Initiative Fund.

An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics by The Caporaso Laboratory is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.